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Words of Inspiration

May. 26th 2009

We all can feel overwhelmed and beleaguered as we trudge through life. There are disappointments and failures to contend with- we lose momentum and hope is temporarily occluded. I want to share a short film with you filled with beautiful photography and words of wisdom. Maybe this will speak to you and encourage you to move forward and to embrace life.
Check it out at
Chose to focus on possibility
You’re worth it!

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My First Blog Entry

May. 20th 2009

Welcome to my site! I have so many resources and ideas to share with you to help you decrease stress, feel more energy and lead a healthier life. We are responsible for creating our wellness by nurturing our bodies and attending to our mind-body connection. With that intent, here is a QUICK and easy skill you can use anytime you feel yourself reacting to life with tension, contraction and negativity.

The Six Second Mini-Relaxer
First, begin by acknowledging when something is bothering you, for example, identifying anger towards someone, fear or sadness over negative events or feeling your body tighten. Recognizing these thoughts becomes the cue for starting the “quieting reflex”

Second, state the following to yourself, repeating “Alert mind, calm body” or some other reassuring affirmation like “Everthing is all right”, “I am safe”, “Peace”

Third, relax by smiling inwardly, softening your gaze or closing your eyes, loosening your jaw and shoulders, thinking of someone kind.

Fourth, slowly inhale, internally counting to four, imaging the breath coming through the bottoms of your feet. Then slowly exhale, internally counting to six, feeling the breath moving back down your legs and out through your feet. With each breath, allow the loosening of the jaw, tongue, and shoulders muscles, letting the tip of the tongue rest at the bottom of mouth.

That’s all there is to it. Try it and see what you think. Practice is important so do it often throughout your day at first. Before long it can become your automatic response to life’s upsetting moments

Take good care of yourself. You are worth it!

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May. 18th 2009

Welcome to The Stress Reduction Center’s new website.  Please take a look around and let us know what you’d like to learn more about…

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