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The Unrelenting Rain: An Exercise In Acceptance

Jul. 2nd 2009

As I sit here the rain is pouring down, the skies are very gray and the thunder is booming off in the distance. This has been going on for weeks. Every day I awaken to clouds, rain and more rain. I don’t ever remember the experience of such unrelenting rain for so many days on end. I yearn for the feel of warm sun on my skin, for the bright blue skies and am concerned about how all of my tomato plants will fare without their daily dose of sunshine.

But then I reflect on one of the basic tenets of mindfulness which is accepting what is. In truly accepting what is, there is no discord in the mind, no wanting things to be different. And in this simple yet profound practice, there is peace. When we want or need things to be different, we create stress in our bodies. We struggle against the current reality and in doing so create struggle inside of ourselves. We are all familiar with the stress that ensues.

So, this rainy weather feels like a great opportunity to practice this acceptance. We have NO control over the weather. Our only choice is to be okay with whatever it is. And in this practice of accepting the rain, we may discover  the ability to accept other things in our lives. Just remember when we  lose our ability to be okay with things as they are, we create stress. Acceptance is the path towards peace.

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