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Dec. 25th 2009

I received this in an email newsletter today from Dr Neil Neimark of the BodySoul and I thought it worth sharing. It is so important to remember to attend to our own selves at this time of giving. Take care, you deserve it!

You Must Do This In Order To Heal

Imagine for a moment the picture of a physical cut. When we cut ourselves, we first notice the pain which brings our attention to the cut. In that attention, we clean the wound and bring the edges together. In this coming together the healing process begins. The healing itself is a mystery.

Remember Bernie Siegel M.D. says we “don’t have to yell into the wound and tell it how to heal.” We rely on the body to heal. All we need to do is to be willing to bring the edges together, to close the gap, to transcend the isolation.

Now this healing process can occur on many levels, not just the physical level.

* Emotional Healing *

So what is emotional healing? It is anything that helps us to close the emotional gap we may be feeling.

Perhaps we are holding deep anger or resentment towards others. By taking steps to transcend the isolation we feel (perhaps by communicating honestly or finding a place of forgiveness or setting appropriate boundaries so that we won’t be hurt again), we begin to activate the healing process and move towards emotional healing.

Or perhaps we are holding excessive guilt or anger towards ourselves. By taking steps to transcend our self-imposed internal isolation (perhaps by making amends for the hurt we have caused our self or others, or by finding a place of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance) we can begin the emotional healing process.

* Spiritual Healing *

Healing also occurs on a spiritual level. What would that be? Anything that helps us to close the gap between who we are and who we aspire to be in terms of a greater purpose in life. Anything that closes the gap between our sense of inner aloneness and a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves.

So as we transcend our essential aloneness by developing a relationship to something greater than ourselves (a higher power, a higher purpose, a sense of meaning in life, a sense of community) we begin our spiritual healing.

John Bradshaw, author and recovery expert, says that the very basis of our spirituality is the permission to be human, to know that we will make mistakes, that we have limitations. Being human means coming to terms with our imperfections and limitations. In so doing, we are reminded that there is something greater than ourselves.

This is the spirituality of imperfection. It does not mean we just brush it all off and say, “Hey, I’m not perfect, deal with it.” It means that in acknowledging our imperfections, we begin to recognize the possibilities for growth, personal development and true greatness.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: What steps do you need to take to begin the healing process: physically, emotionally and spiritually? Are you holding on to guilt, anger, hurt and resentment? Are you nurturing your relationship with something greater than yourself, i.e. a meaningful cause, a higher power, God, nature, or building a community? Are you ready to forgive yourself and forgive others to begin closing the gap held open by old hurts? Are you ready to accept the spirituality of your imperfections and those of others? If yes, great. If no, why not?

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Dec. 8th 2009

We all do it. You do, don’t you? Well, I have been stuck for months in procrastinating about writing my blog. The more time that went by, the less I felt like doing it. I would tell myself- ‘do it, you have do do another blog entry’ and then I would distract myself into some other activity and again, nothing accomplished. I do this with other things- often they relate to accounting, money or other areas I feel somewhat inadequate in. I avoid doing what I need to do so I dont have to face my discomfort. But, I like writing and I have loved doing my blog. It just became something that I kept “forgetting” to do. So, what does this have to do with stress? A lot. All of these incomplete, avoided and dreaded activities haunt us at some level. even on the ‘back-burner’ they nag and sap our energy. It feels so good to accomplish one of these things- for me there is a rush of energy and a feeling of freedom. Try it. Pick one thing you have been avoiding- even a small thing- and as Nike says, “JUST DO IT!” You will feel better. I know I do.

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