Getting away from it all…..

09/06/09 11:40 AM

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to go backpacking up in the White Mountains with my 19 year old son as sherpa, guide, cook and emotional support. It was my first time on a backpacking trip in over 30 years! The climbs were arduous and much longer than I thought I could endure. But the views! Spectacular! And of course the good feelings of accomplishment as well as the special time of bonding with my son was so rewarding- lots of card games of Rummy 500 in the down time. No electronic devices, no electricity, no running water- it was primitive and yet so much more conducive for connecting internally and externally.

The experience reminded me how important it is to get away from our daily life once in awhile. The change of perspective can be illuminating- freedom from the mundane, petty concerns is energizing. Time always seems to slow down for me when I am away. And being in nature is so healing- taking the time to marvel at  the moon, the sunset, listen to the birds, gaze upon brilliant flowers and other miracles. Do you seize the opportunity to do this in your life? It is so easy to take it all for granted.

Getting away can be a wonderful stress reliever. Think about a way to make it happen for yourself during these wonderful summer months- 1 night, 2 nights 3 nights or more- near or far. Just getting away is good for relieving our stress and getting us out of our ruts.

Happy trails! You are worth it!


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